“The H-Word: It’s Alive!”

Nightmare, March 2019.

Why are we obsessed with monstrous births? The real answer might be because we fear the power of a body that can give birth, particularly its power to produce non-normative children... which is to say, children who aren't exactly what the people in power wanted them to be. […] The womb is a scary place, you see. A place full of secrets, a liminal place that's neither here nor there. A haunted house where so, so many of our cultural anxieties come home to roost.

I Am Known: Representation in Videogames.”

The Book Smugglers, Nov 2018.

My mirror is someone else’s window. I need to see myself just as much as you need to see me. I need to know I’m not alone, and you need to know I exist. In a medium that might just be the future of storytelling, or at least a kind of storytelling we’ve never seen before, I hope you have to see my hands on your screen and see the world through my eyes. I hope my stories get inside your head.

“The Long Arm of the West.”

The WisCon Chronicles (vol. 11): Trials by Whiteness. 2017.


This thing that we call 'the West' has a stranglehold on popular imagination in India. The American Dream is alive and well in middle-class West Bengal. The parents of lawyer-doctor-engineers pay for expensive educations in hopes that their children will immigrate to that fabled land of cheeseburgers, dishwashers and air-conditioned supermarkets, then someday come back and take their parents there with them as well.