Baltimore Book Festival

Second-last con of the year! ALMOST THERE.

Baltimore Book Festival; Baltimore, September 29-30

I've Seen Your Face Before: Saturday, 4:00 pm.

From John Kessel's Pride & Prometheus to Victor LaValle's "The Ballad of Black Tom" to Maria Dahvana Headley's The Mere Wife to our panelists' own work, authors discuss how it can be a fascinating and rewarding experiment to ask new questions of others' characters, and to take a page from their stylebooks. What does it take to put a new spin on a character readers recognize?

LGBTQIASFF: Saturday, 5:00 pm.

LGBTQIA voices are everywhere in modern SF/F, re-examining the genres and giving them new life. Our panel discusses the state of queer SF/F, where it's going, where we want it to go, and who and what you should be reading.

The Speculative Table: Beyond Stew and MREs: Saturday, 6:00 pm.

Every character needs to eat, but food is more than just sustenance. It interacts with culture, identity, class, gender, and power. How does SFF deal with those intersections? Which books acknowledge the effort (or future ease?) of putting food on the table? Whose menus are represented, and why?

UNDead Genres: Marginalized Writers Reinvigorate Tired Tropes: Sunday, 6:00 pm. 

There are some subgenres we think we've probably read enough of… until somebody comes along with a spin on that story that elevates it out of cliché and makes it new again.

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