WisCon 42

I'll be at WisCon 42, in Madison, between May 25-28th, 2018! This'll be my third time attending, and also my very first time being on programming, so I can't wait (and am absolutely not nervous at all, nope, not me). My schedule looks like this:

Lessons for the Not-Quite-Pro Writer : Sat, 10:00–11:45 am. Location: CIRC.

I still need to type up a proper description for this, because I'm terrible like that, but this is essentially going to be a Q&A slash discussion session for what I fondly refer to as 'baby writers', myself included; things to know when you're starting out, how the submissions game works, etc.

#OwnVoices - Opportunities And Obligations, Sat, 1:00–2:15 pm. Location: Capitol A

With the rise of the #ownvoices conversation, there is increasing emphasis on stories being told by members of relevant communities. This is AWESOME and presents people with new opportunities. But it can also create a feeling of obligation in writers who belong to underrepresented communities - do we ALWAYS have to tell stories that are about ourselves and our communities? Will any of us ever just get to be? This panel will discuss #ownvoices, the continuing importance of representation, and the satisfaction of telling your own story. But it will also make room for discussing the more difficult aspects, like dealing with outsiders who STILL want to tell your story, feeling like you have to rep your whole community, and the dilemma of writing #ownvoices or not.

We Are What We Eat, Sat, 2:30–3:45 pm. Location: Assembly.

How and where we get our food says a lot about us, as does what we eat. From Bilbo's seed cake to tea in the Radch authors have been using food to tell us about the history and culture of their worlds. Food can tell us a lot in few details. What type of grains people eat tells us about the agriculture and a labor that keeps the society going. Character attitudes to "vat meat" tell us about the cultures ideas about animals. Food prep is also work traditionally done by women so how a culture treats food can tell us about the role of women. Let's discuss the various instances where food plays an integral part in the stories we read.

I'll also be hanging out at Glittership's table in the dealer's room some of the time, so come say hi!

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